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    #1035: Cell Phone Link to Tumors? — “We Don’t Know”

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    Tired of waiting for Interphone? Thanks to Professor Bruce Armstrong, you
    can now get a good idea of what the final results will show. A world-class
    epidemiologist and the head of the Australian Interphone study team based at
    the University of Sydney, Armstrong has combined all the available results
    published to date and, in a 45-minute lecture, reviews and interprets the
    potential tumor risks. His meta-analysis includes the as-yet unpublished
    Australian Interphone data.

    In a nutshell, Armstrong finds that there are “suggestions” of an increased
    risk of brain tumors among long-term users. He advocates a policy of
    precaution, especially for children and recommends that RF health research
    continue. Armstrong’s fundamental message is “we don’t know” what the cancer
    risks really are. This is different from what we’ve heard in the past. Back
    in 2000, the Stewart panel in the U.K. also recommended caution, more out of
    recognition of our collective ignorance than any hard data. Armstrong is
    saying there is now a basis to support such concerns. Yes, the risks are
    uncertain and ambiguous, but the possibility that using a cell phone could
    lead to a tumor is no longer hypothetical. The risks may be small or they
    may be large, but the risks are there. Armstrong, an Interphone insider, has
    changed the conversation.

    At the same time, Rodney Croft and others at the Australian Centre for
    Bioeffects Research (ACBR) in Melbourne dismiss Armstrong’s advice. “I
    certainly don’t feel that the science is strong enough at the moment to be
    going out there and telling people you should be taking these steps to
    protect against your children,” he said.

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