• 26 NOV 08
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    #992: Latest issue of “EMR and Health” now available

    From Lyn McLean, Director EMR Australia:

    Australian newspapers carried the message in early November that wireless technology is “safe” because it complies with national standards. But just how safe is it and what are other countries doing to reduce people’s exposure to the radiation it emits?

    The December issue of “EMR and Health” is available now and contains information about the safety of wireless technology as well as:

    * new findings about electrohypersensitivity

    * the safety of compact fluorescent globes (CFLs)

    * the latest news and research studies from around the globe.

    For more information, see www.emraustralia.com.au..

    warm regards
    Lyn McLean
    EMR Australia PL
    PO Box 738
    Gymea NSW 2227
    61 2 9501 2665

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