• 26 OCT 08
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    #972: NEWS FLASH: European Parliament rejects airport X-ray body scanners

    From Stelios A Zinelis MD:

    The European Parliament has voted, rejecting the application of airport scanners by 361 votes(16 voted to apply the technology and 181 abstinences) based on human rights( privacy, integrity, personal data) and the potential health risks.
    I terms of the ionizing radiation, in the past the diagnostic low dose X-Rays were considered safe, until lately. Few years ago a study
    (Lancet Vol. 363 Jan.31, 2004, 345-351) was published, reporting the cancers which were attributable to the diagnostic X-Ray exposure.
    From that study I have attached an interesting table. (not able to send out on this weblog)

    Stelios A Zinelis MD
    Hellenic Cancer Society
    Cefallonia, Greece

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