• 20 OCT 08
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    #968: Possible EMR hazard from electronic theodolites

    To All

    I received the following message and have spoken to the person who sent it. He wishes to remain anonymous because of his employment.
    An electronic theodolite sends out a laser beam (seen as a red beam at night) and the surveyors who use them can spend quite a bit of time with their head next to the electronics. It seems that the electronics that drive the laser are emitting EMR of an unknown frequency and power level.

    I doubt that these devices have ever been tested for EMR emissions or electronic compatibility/interference. This is an issue that needs further investigation and I would appreciate any comments that may be useful in pressing for this to be followed up on.


    Don Maisch


    To Don Maisch:

    Dear Sir, I have worked in the survey industry for many
    years now and in recent times have become more concerned
    with the effects of long term exposure to the electronic
    theodolites now used almost exclusively. After reading
    several papers discussing the dangers of
    mobile phones and transmission towers, and the symptoms people seem to
    suffer from on exposure to them, I fear the emf’s generated by electronic
    theodolites may be causing similar problems. I am hoping that you may know
    if any studies have been carried out on this type of technology or perhaps
    if you could refer me to any researcher who is investigating it.

    The batteries powering these theodolites are more powerful than the ones
    in mobile phones, and the operators head and face is in closer, and
    longer, contact with the machine than most phone users would be. They send
    out signals strong enough to interfere with two way radios and mobile
    phones at least one or two metres from the source. I have always used my
    right eye to observe with when using the theodolites, and now the right
    side of my face always has a mild burning sensation. I have several
    “sunspots” on my right temple, cheek and forehead that are far worse than
    those on my left side; my right sinus and ear are always congested and the
    right side of my nose has been sore for a considerable time. I constantly
    have discomfort in and behind my right eye as well. I know of another
    survey technician that suffered an unexplained epileptic seizure after
    using an electronic theodolite for some time and have heard of others who
    have been blinded by the blood vessels in the eyes suddenly rupturing.

    If you think my concerns are merited, and would like to know more details
    I would be happy to help investigate this matter further. There are many
    young people now in the industry who will be using these machines
    throughout their careers and I do not believe their health should be
    jeopardised because of their employment.

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