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    #941: “Children sacrificed for mobilhype (Sweden)”

    Translated from the original (in Swedish):


    20 international cancerläkare signed in May an appeal to children under the age of 12 years to completely abstain from their mobile phone. Since then, India and the Israeli government and authorities in Toronto recommended restrictions on children’s use of a mobile phone.

    But the Swedish authorities and media have been silent, probably for the children is a growing audience for the wireless industry, writes Mona Nilsson.
    “Children sacrificed for mobilhype”

    Mona Nilsson: Swedish media and the authorities keep the details of the warnings

    In spring and summer of 2008 has kantats of sharp international warnings from cancer, hjärnkirurger and researchers on children’s use of mobile phones. The background is a growing number of research results, which among other things, shows the risk of brain tumour.

    In Sweden, have heard of this. It has been silent on the subject in the major media. Responsible authority Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, SSM, the former SSI, has instead brought energy to deny a film, which circulated on You Tube to pop popcorn with the cell phone, which SVT’s “Report”, in turn, immediately did a feature on.

    The reason for the silence of the serious risks to children are, in all likelihood extremely cynical: children are a growing target group for the wireless industry and all the warnings about health risks of mobile telephony can have a negative impact on telecom sales and stock prices.

    Most international attention was given enough Pittsburg-university cancerinstituts manager, cancer Ronald Herbermans, 3 pm to all 000 employees at the Institute on July 23. Herberman had studied the growing amount of research that connects mobile phones to health effects including cancer. He became convinced that it is high time to go out with användarråd. Among other things, the talks held short. Further talks will take place via telephone. Children should not be allowed to use cell phones only for emergencies because the children’s skallben is thinner, and that children generally are more vulnerable because their bodies grow and develop.

    Herberman is also one of 20 international cancerläkare who signed an appeal on the mobile phone which was published in May. They felt that children under the age of 12 years to be completely abstain from their mobile phone.

    During the past summer, the Indian and Israeli governments and Toronto health authority recommended restrictions or completely avrått from children’s use of a mobile phone.

    According to leading Russian experts risk children who use mobile phones to receive short-term memory, impaired learning and cognitive ability and sleep disturbances. In the long term is a risk of brain tumors, early alzheimer’s disease, depression and damage to the brain’s nervous system.

    Välrenommerade specialists believe that there are now so many evidence of serious health risks to telecom and governments must take immediate action to reduce public exposure to mobiltelefonstrålningen and inform the population about the risks. The consequences for society, in other cases become very serious.

    But SSM believe that there is no reason to recommend to even the limited use of their mobile phone for children, but has only recommended the use hands, and limited use in poor coverage. SSM’s press officer confirms position on 20 August: Since there is evidence that the children would be more sensitive, it is not justified to recommend a reduction in use.

    It is, of course, complete nonsense. It is an established fact that children are more sensitive to environmental toxins, which is why the leading cancer now discourage children from mobile devices.

    However, decreases a recommendation on the hands not of industry sales, a recommendation on reducing the use, on the contrary would do. It is clear that SSM cares more about the wireless industry, than if the children.

    No research shows that the hands protects against long-term health risks. For most other environmental pollutants, history shows that the levels previously thought were safe, in fact, was uncertain.

    The best and most obvious recommendation at this stage that children and young people should not use mobile phones only for emergency calls.

    The responsible of silence “on what we know now should be considered a criminal offence.

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