• 25 JUL 08
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    #915: Israel’s Interphone head warns of cell phone hazards

    Translation from Iris Atzmon:

    Dr. Sigal Sadezki ( Israeli Interphone head) today in the newspapers:

    “I have been warning for long time against excess use of cell phones during childhood.
    I cannot decide for the parents what to do, only to tell them that there is a good reason
    to fear of cell phone damage to their small children and even to teenagers. It is impossible to
    determine an “age threshold” above which is safe to use cell phones. Children are sensitive population especially young children. Children are more prone to develop cancer than adults, because their body tissues are dividing and it’s a period when the body cells are more sensitive to cancer causes. In addition they have longer time to develop the disease.
    The use of cell phone in the age of kindergarden is bordering parental irresponsibility.
    There is no reason to give a 3 or 4 years old child to speak with the aunt or mother with cell phone.
    It is nursing negligence, like a parent who does not look after the child, smokes near him,
    avoids safety seats in the car, and does not check that his balcony is protected against falls.
    It is necessary to prevent older children from frequent use of cell phone – and teenagers
    don’t need to sit and talk on the mobile all night. It is also recommended that to use land line.
    While the American researcher calls letting children use the mobile only in emergencies, my attitute is more moderate. It is unnecessary to prevent children from using it but it is important to consider at what age to give a mobile to the child. It is important to not put the phone close to the body during the conversation.

    Maariv national newspaper 25.7.08

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