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    #877: An Australian brain tumour story

    From Anonymous:

    Please read this powerful and gripping story of Enrico Grani, please feel free to post it on your websites or blogs, and please pass it along to your family and friends. The photos are on the attached documents!

    What’s More Important “”
    Your Cell Phone or Your Brain?
    Don’t Become Another Addicted Cell Phone Statistic!

    By Enrico Grani (with Paul Doyon)

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” “” Arthur Schopenhauer

    My name is Enrico Grani and I presently live in Australia. I used cell phones for ten-plus years extensively on-and-off and because of this I developed a Brain Tumor! In 2007, about one week before my birthday, I was diagnosed with a 3 cm by 4 cm brain tumor. I had a stroke (my first one) the previous year in late November 2006. An MRI examination revealed a brain tumor in the area of my brain next to my ear where I always used my cell phones “” in the exact position where the cell phone’s antenna was located. My goal here is to try to make you and your loved ones aware of the extreme dangers posed by these microwave-emitting devices. Please read about my experience carefully and thoroughly and please do not make the same mistakes that I have made.

    My father kept telling me constantly that cell phones were very dangerous and that I would get a brain tumor. We actually had many big arguments because of my cell phone use. I would say “Yeah, Yeah, Papa, what do you know about cell phones anyway?” It went in one ear and out the other. I rationalized that I needed this cell phone for my business. What I didn’t understand was the terrible price I would pay. I thought that if I exercised and ate healthy food, that I would be able to reverse the negative effects “” if there were any at all! After all, we were ALL told that cell phones posed no risk to our health. Remember? I was very wrong. Cell phones are much more dangerous than anyone can possibly imagine. By just owning one of these devices, you are paying the cell-phone industry “” you are giving them the power to destroy your life “” and to make an increasing number of people sick. Just to think that I have paid the cell-phone industry thousands of dollars over the years, to get a brain tumor (which has completely destroyed my life) sickens me in the stomach.

    I would gladly trade in all my money (which isn’t much now) and every single material possession I have for the chance to have my brain function restored. I was foolish! Please don’t make the same mistake. Your brain is much more precious than the device called a cell phone. If you don’t believe this after reading this completely then there is no hope for you, and you will find out the hard way just like I have. Remember one thing, when you get a brain tumor from cell-phone use and you nearly die as a result, ring up the cell-phone shop and you will see how quickly they hang up on you. All the smiles you remember in the shop going through all the models with the sales people are gone and now you are totally alone in a world of pain, torment, and humiliation.

    After I had my first stroke, my left arm became paralyzed and I now have severe cognitive difficulties and problems with fine-motor movement in my hand. The brain tumor was situated in the right parietal lobe “” exactly in the position where I used the cell phones. I was diagnosed one week before my 40th birthday with a meningioma brain tumor. I was so shocked my legs went weak. This was a birthday present that I will never forget “” Ever! My birthday will always be remembered as “Brain Tumor Day.” I can no longer work as I am disabled, but this does not mean that I cannot make you aware, so that you or your loved ones never endure my fate. All I can do now with my life is to try and increase awareness of this serious problem.

    Thanks to the help of some good friends, scientists, epidemiologists, and a few doctors, I have been able to learn so much about the severe dangers posed by cell phones, cell-phone base stations, and the increasing levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation (EMR) permeating our living environments. If we don’t do something about this now, I believe firmly, as do many renowned scientists, that this is posing a severe threat to all life on this planet. There is growing evidence that the drastic disappearance of frogs, insects, and birds “” and now food production “” is connected to the growing microwave radiation permeating our environment. What I am trying to say here is that we are seriously looking at extinction as a species if something isn’t done soon “” if people continue to remain complacent and in denial about this problem because of another related problem “” the selfishness, greed, and stupidity infecting our way of life. If we remain ignorant and uneducated about the seriousness of this situation, then many people, children, animals, and all life forms will gradually become sick and die. It has now already started to happen!

    I really do now sincerely wish that I had seriously listened to my father “” but I was really stupid. Now that I know what I know, I know that I have made a big mistake in trusting the cell-phone industry and my government to protect me against this danger. After all, everyone was using them and they seemed OK. If I had had a better understanding of two things “” (1) the effects of electromagnetic radiation, and (2) the blatant irresponsibility of a government bought and paid for by an industry blinded by senseless greed “” I would never have encountered this sad fate.

    Being disabled is very hard for me to deal with, as it complicates every aspect of what is left of my life. However, knowing now that my disability could have been prevented, knowing now that numerous scientific studies years ago had already shown cell-phone radiation causes DNA damage and brain tumor development, knowing now that these scientific studies were completely ignored because of industry greed many years ago prior to my tumor, and knowing now that it could have been prevented, is even harder for me to deal with emotionally.

    I want to tell you all now that I firmly believe that cell-phone use was the cause of my brain tumor. And I pray you don’t think that you are the lucky, untouchable one! I pray that you don’t think you are immune to this either! Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) does not discriminate. If you use a cell phone, the chances of you also getting a brain tumor, not to mention all kinds of other serious health problems, are extremely high. My goal here is not to scare you, but rather to give you the cold-hard facts “” facts that you may not know about and facts to which you need to be aware. In the past few years there has been a drastic increase in the number of people getting brain tumors (not to mention other cancers and disease states like Autism, ADHD, CFIDS and so on). Brain tumors are now the number-one cause of death in children in Australia and the United States (and I imagine many other countries also). It is now being predicted by epidemiologists that within the next ten years we will be seeing at least a 1000 percent increase in this disease state. A major brain-tumor epidemic is just around the corner. It saddens my heart to watch all the children with their cell phones glued to their ears; they have no idea what they are in for in years to come. This should not be happening, but it is and it is a serious crime against humanity being committed by humanity itself. I seriously believe this now!

    My life has been completely destroyed. I have seizures nearly all the time now and it is extremely painful to experience these; it feels as if I am being electrocuted over and over again, with the flesh peeling off my bones. It took me over two months to learn how to walk again. However, I am a fighter and I always will be! I have always tried to take good care of my health and I was always very conscious of the importance of my body and mental strength, as I am quite a fitness buff. I just wasn’t aware how seriously dangerous cell phones actually were. I really just wanted to quickly recover after having the tumor removed from my brain and I was exercising, lifting weights, and leg pressing twice my body weight, as soon as I could walk again. I just wanted my health back, and to be able to work again and regain the life-style I once had!

    However, having said that, I am still suffering drastically because of this. What the phone companies did to me with their lies and their greed is a crime that should never have been allowed to happen. What will happen to an increasing number of people can only be considered as “Systematic Genocide Against Humanity.” I know it and many other people know it too. Unfortunately, not enough people want to believe it “” until of course something like this happens to them. It is as if they are drug-addict zombies in a trance “” addicted to their cell phones. The only difference here being is that the cell phone is the new “Electromagnetic Drug.” This is what the cell-phone industry wants and has seemingly planned and now totally achieved. Why would a cell-phone company make you sign a contract and then give you “free” minutes? Sounds to me like what a “drug pusher” would do. As the saying goes “nothing is for nothing.” Free minutes “equals” more time on the cell phone “equals” addiction “equals” a brain tumor, cancer, disability, allergies, feeling unwell, plus once you are addicted your “free minutes” are quickly all used up and then you will pay even more to your cell-phone company.

    The cell-phone companies are killing us and no one seems to have a clue about what is really going on “” or they are so addicted to their cell phones that most don’t seem to care. No one can deny that cell phones caused my brain tumor, except perhaps the unethical liars bought and paid for by the cell-phone industry. No matter how much proof you submit, they will deny it to no end, backed by their highly paid unethical lawyers, who have no soul! It’s totally disgusting! These people have sold their souls for money and gold, at the expense of the health of people worldwide!

    It is time for me to go public with this and I suggest that if you (or someone that you know) are in the same or a similar situation that you go public as well. I am not scared of the cell-phone industry because I have a soul filled with love for humanity. They have no soul at all or they would not be doing this to us! Placing cell-phone towers next to people’s homes and nearby children’s schools, and selling cell phones to young children when it is a known fact that a child’s skull is thinner than an adult’s and a child’s brain is not fully developed and is damaged greatly by cell phone use, is completely unethical and irresponsible. The cell-phone industry while completely aware of these facts still “” blinded by greed it seems “” engage in this ironically legal “Crime Against Humanity.” I really don’t care if they try to kill me, harass me, or whatever else they may try to do to me. Sure, they have so much money, and I have none. So what! At least I am a human being with dignity and a conscience “” and that is much more than I can say about them. I was in a coma for three days, I had three strokes, and I had a good portion of my brain cut out of my head! What more needs to be said? How could I possibly be scared of them?

    My life is garbage and I know many other people that have been seriously affected from all walks of life. Once a person has cheated death as many times as I have, then one no longer holds any fear of anyone or anything. I just want to get this story out to the public and hopefully from reading about my experience some people’s lives can be spared from fates similar to mine. My only goal in life right now is to save life through educating people about my experience.

    I have approached many TV stations here in Australia and none of them have wanted to touch my story. It seems to me that they are also bought and paid for by the cell-phone industry! This is not hard to believe either. How many people must die before this situation with the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is taken seriously in my country and given the worldwide coverage that it deserves? I suppose many people are fearful of losing their jobs by speaking out. All I can say to these people is that when they are in a wheel chair and can no longer work is “You had the chance to speak out but chose to remain silent.”

    It really makes me extremely angry because it is the children, with their lives still ahead of them, who are going to suffer the most because of this. The children’s brains and immune systems are still in a process of development. The cell-phone industry, fully ignoring this fact, manipulates children into purchasing a cell phone by using Mickey Mouse designs on the phones to get the child’s attention. All I can say is that this is “premeditated murder.” What else can it be called when they are fully aware from all the data, facts, and studies (except the ones they have manipulated) by an army of ethical scientists and researchers out there saying that these things are dangerous!

    This microwave radiation is destroying people’s lives and most people do not even realize this because it seems that they are attributing their symptoms to other things. It is difficult for people to realize that something they can’t sense with their senses “” see, touch, taste, smell, or hear “” is harmful and most don’t even imagine that this is indeed the cause of their symptoms. Not even the doctors are aware of the problem it seems, and if they are, most are keeping their mouths shut (for fear of losing their jobs). The cell phone companies are making staggering amounts of money, the pharmaceutical companies are making money, and doctors and hospitals are making money. And as long as they are all making money, it seems as if everyone is happy “” until of course they also get sick!

    I spent approximately $4000 AUS dollars on my cell-phone bills in 1996. I still can’t believe that I gave those Criminals all that money and I don’t expect that they will ever pay me back any of it either.

    In the initial stages of having a cell phone I started to notice a burning sensation above the ear (where the tumor was diagnosed), but at the time I didn’t give it much thought, like many of you out there I presume. However, come to think of it, there were a few times when I had to end the phone call because the pain was unbearable and I would have to call the person back later after the pain had subsided. I also would get these chronic headaches and pain in my eyes, but then again, I just attributed this to the pressures of the work. I even started to lose my memory and get lost while driving which is strange since before that I always had a decent sense of direction. All these symptoms started with the business and the cell phone usage. I finally left that business after 17 months on the job.

    I went to see about five doctors over a period of years because of the headaches. Not one of them told me to stop using my cell phone. They all just diagnosed me with having tension headaches and prescribed Panadol or Aspirin or some other drug, which I usually did not take since I never trusted pharmaceuticals. Had just one of these doctors ordered a MRI brain scan, or a CT brain scan, I probably would not be so disabled today. If my brain tumor had been diagnosed earlier, I most likely would be working now and enjoying life.

    The brain rehabilitation team was utterly astounded with my progress after my brain tumor was removed. However, they seemed to be completely clueless about the dangers of EMR and often would take their cell phone calls directly in the immediate vicinity of my head. They really should be aware that one should not put one of these microwave-emitting devices next to one’s head and especially not close to the head of someone who has just had a brain tumor removed. However, like most people out there they are completely and utterly clueless regarding the dangers posed by this EMR weapon. It’s a complete irony and utter contradiction, but the people in the medical profession “” the people who are supposed to be helping us “” do not have any clue about the harmful effects of EMR on living organisms. Hopefully, in the future “” if we have one “” this will change! At this point, people really have to do the research on EMR themselves. I have personally had to do my own research regarding EMR and my condition. Doctors are just too happy to prescribe drugs without really thinking too deeply about the underlying causes.

    Now, my only mission in life is to make people aware of the dangers posed by this wireless technology. What else can I do? I just hope people are smart enough to listen. My only desire is for people to have life “” not death!

    To my father: I am sorry Papa that I failed you by not listening to you. Papa you were right just as usual, and I paid the price for not listening to your words of wisdom just as usual. The only thing is, this time I cannot correct my mistake. I am disabled for life. Sorry Papa, please forgive me for my stupidity.

    To read more about my experience, please visit the following website, where my experience since being diagnosed with a brain tumor has been documented: http://www.fitnesssavedmylife.com/

    “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

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