• 01 FEB 08
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    #852: More breast cancer cases at Toowong

    From Sarah Benson:


    Investigating pathologist not told about 17th ABC cancer case

    A Queensland pathologist looking into the ABC breast cancer cluster in Brisbane says he was not told about another case of the disease.

    The number of women with breast cancer was thought to be 16, but it has now been revealed a 17th woman was diagnosed in 1999. An ABC corporate spokeswoman says management had been made aware of her case, but the woman has requested anonymity. Dr Glenn Francis is studying the tumours to try to identify a cause and says it would be helpful if the ABC kept him informed. “Some patients they wish to obviously remain anonymous still and that’s fine,” he said. “They don’t have to give their name and things and we actually function under the same guidelines as doctor patient relationships where patient information is confidential from my point of view.”

    It is understood an 18th woman was also diagnosed, but did not tell the ABC. Ian Ecker ley, a former employee whose wife also worked for the ABC and is recovering from cancer says the ABC should disclose just how many women have been affected. “There’s emotional turmoil to know there are more cases, to know they weren’t publicly disclosed, and the question my wife asked was, ‘well how many more are there’, she’d like to know how many there are,” he said.

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