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    #818: Hormones, Breast Cancer and EMR

    From Martin Weatherall:

    Here is a link to Vitality Magazine, a health publication based in Toronto.

    The article is a very well written¬ document by Dr. Sherill Sellman N.D. that¬ describes the links between Hormones,¬ Breast Cancer and Electro Magnetic Radiation. Please circulate it widely, this is very important information that the public need to know!


    Effects of Electropollution On Hormones and Breast Cancer
    November 2007

    Dr. Sherill Sellman, ND

    A defining moment in world history occurred in 1879 when Thomas Edison switched on the first light bulb. The flick of that switch radically transformed our world forever. The Age of Electricity was born.

    Our love affair with all things electrical means that we now live in a dense sea of electro-magnetic energy waves, called electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) which are estimated to be 100 – 200 million times greater than they were a hundred years ago!

    Compounding the problem is the explosion of wireless technology like cell phones, Bluetooth, PDA’s, wireless internet, WiFi and the powerful microwave emitting towers that are required for their transmission. This pervasive wireless world emits a particular spectrum of EMR that has its own damaging effects on living systems.

    Within just two decades, wireless technology has exploded onto the global scene. Today, over 236 million Americans, 20 million Canadians and 19 million Australians own cell phones and over 80 per cent of the entire planet is connected to the wireless internet (by 2010, it will be 90 per cent). The hot spot phenomena, which allows for internet access in airports, hotels, coffee shops, schools and other public areas will grow to 12,400 in the U.S. and Canada by the end of 2007 and 78,000 by 2008.

    Our homeostasis is now being thrown into turmoil by unprecedented levels of all forms of EMR “” which seriously compromises the body”ôs ability to properly function.

    For the full article go to:


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