• 03 SEP 07
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    #793: “A disease on hold”

    Notice from Iris Atzmon in Israel:
    A strong article (4 pages) was published today in the monthly magazine “Mint” of Yediot Ahronot –
    The article critisizes strongly the INTEPHONE study, puts the light on the regular user definition, compares the INTERPHONE to Hardell’s studies, also the notion that non-ionizing radiation cannot harm DNA is contradicted, it exposes Ahlbom and Swerdlow as Tobacco scientists, the fact that the cellular companies can see the interphone results before they are published and more, the article will have a big exposure for one month, it is the first time a journalist gets into the details and critisizes our INTERPHONE researcher who was presented until now as totally independent. The article also tells about some of Repacholi’s wonders and that the interphone is funded half by the cellular, although our researcher wants us to believe there is a chinese wall between the researchers and the companies – the way the British results were presented to the public (omitting 80% risk for long term users) tells a different story, and the article has it all. It is called: “A disease on hold” by Yaffa Shir Raz, and it says in the contents of the magazine subject headlines that the health organizations plus the industry hide from us that the cellular causes cancer.

    prof Lennart Hardell
    Mona Nilsson author of the 3G game
    Dr. Sigal Sadezky (Interphone)
    Prof Rafi Korenstein (Tel Aviv university)
    Prof Rony Seger (new study Weizmann institute)
    and your loyal slave who will translate it when I have more time.


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