• 26 JUL 07
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    #774: Comments on Australian draft ELF standard

    From Betty Venables:

    Don, Your entry #772 on the ELF/EMR health issue from Cindy Sage is the best news for quite a while. And quite timely as we find ARPANSA is having such difficulty in designing an adequately protective health standard. The term “biologically based” is most appropriate to describe a health standard that has such widespread implications for the health of the community and if ARPANSA is serious about their “mission” as stated in the Public Consultation draft published by the CEO on 7/12/06 “The mission of ARPANSA is to provide the scientific expertise and infrastructure necessary to support the objective of the ARPANSA Act – to protect the health and safety of people and to protect the environment, from harmful effects of radiation.” ARPANSA should therefore reverse their decision to increase the exposure limits of magnetic fields (designed to accommodate technology )as stated in their press release and follow the example of the European Countries Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands “. where restricted levels have been adopted that are based on biological considerations, which reflect the association between ELF/EMR exposure and human diseases, particularly cancer .
    Therefore our Australian Standard must REDUCE the power frequency ELF/EMR exposure limits at ALL LEVELS of exposure i., e, high and low voltage transmission, distribution, industrial and domestic supply and usage.

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