• 30 MAY 07
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    #736: Letter of support for Olle Johansson

    From Eileen O’Connor, Radiation Research Trust
    I have enclosed an open letter of support for Professor Olle Johansson following the shameful ridicule he has faced following the Panorama programme on Wifi.

    BBC News 24 has apparently highlighted news from a Swedish blogger DennisJ who sent news to badscience.net saying that Johansson was the 2004 recipient of the Misleader of the Year award. I would like to know who voted for this award and who funds them.

    Read the following quote from Dr Ian Gibson MP taken from Panorama:

    “Panorama -How seriously do you think the government is taking the precautionary approach right now, with respect to wi-fi?”

    “Dr IAN GIBSON MP Norwich North Oh, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it, they’re not at all. wi-fi are just being rolled out as great big white heat of technology. Industry rules in this area and the precautionary principle and the safety of people who might benefit to some extent from the technology are completely dismissed. It’s just it’s Wild West country for the companies. They just put them where they want and say there’s no evidence. Now, you know, five, ten years from now, as the evidence grows, there’s enough now to be worried about it, but as the evidence grows, who knows what it might show? It might show that it’s completely unsafe for certain groups of people.”
    Professor Johansson”s important research is obviously causing problems for the government and industry with regards to wireless communication, mobile phones, phone masts, wifi etc. As you can see in the quote from Dr Ian Gibson MP there is a lack of political will as wireless communication is a huge money making machine for government, you know what the say “the best form of defence is attack”; we are up against the powerful forces of industry and government and we should defend the very people who are trying to protect public health as Johansson continues to expose the truth through his research.

    Professor Olle Johansson continues to work against all odds to expose what I and many people including many doctors and scientists throughout the world now believe is one of the greatest threats to mankind in the 21st century. His work into the effects of low level, EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation) has lead the way and added strength to the campaign as we have been able to use over 450 pieces of published research produced by Olle Johansson.

    The following quote is taken from an article written by UK journalist Kate Figes; she has written about her own sensitivity to wireless technology, this was reported in many UK national news papers. She has also faced ridicule from people who refuse to accept this problem is real.
    “The government and the telecoms industry sit happily in each other’s pockets and we have no say, no way to stem the tide or voice objection. It is left to a handful of scientists, such as Dr Johansson from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who has found skin changes under the effects of low-level microwave exposure to fight for finance for his important research. Without any sense that we have a political party or government prepared to take this issue seriously, ordinary people have no choice but to become activists – campaigning against mobile phone masts that have been erected without planning permission in the heart of their communities and lobbying schools not to install Wi-Fi near where their children are supposed to be able to learn.”

    Please read the enclosed interview with Professor Olle Johansson on “Mystery in Skin”
    It details many of Professor Johansson”s research papers and he also talks about the difficulties he faces. The BBC and news items that have published the ridicule from Swedish blogger DennisJ on badscience.net should be ashamed for reporting such rubbish against one of the greatest scientists on the planet; Olle Johansson will be remembered in history for alerting us through his research about electromagnetic fields and the dangers to public health. This man should be awarded the highest honours the world can give including major funding to continue this important research. He should not be ridiculed and starved of funds; for the sake of us all, especially our children the world needs his important work to continue.

    The following quote was taken from the Mystery in the Skin interview:
    “Mr. Helge Tiainen, former head of the Nokia Consumer Electronics in Sweden, in February 23, 1994, said that “The results of Olle Johansson’s research could very well deeply shake the world’s electronics industry, but mankind still has to know!”

    Eileen O”Connor
    Trustee “” EM Radiation Research Trust

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