• 27 MAY 07
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    #732: BBC Panorama program on WI-Fi irks industry

    From Sarah and Adrian, Mast-victims.org (UK):
    Dear Don

    Could you request people on your list write to the BBC as detailed below in support of the Panorama programme. You can watch it online and the transcript is attached.

    The BBC has been absolutely flooded with complaints from the employees of the phone industry (who have been told to write in) and are now saying there is no evidence to back up the programme.

    I urge everyone to go to
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/make_complaint_step1.shtml and select
    the “send praise” option in support of Panorama.

    I have supported the Panorama with the following comment (thanks to others who supplied some of the text!!):-

    This excellent programme really speaks for itself. Credit must go to Panorama’s researchers, and to Paul Kenyon, the presenter. How anyone viewing could doubt the integrity of the presentation and the risk to
    health, is beyond my comprehension. The most important fact to come out of this programme is the stance being taken by Professor Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency. It is he who states
    quite categorically that there may well be a problem with WiFi technology and that an immediate review is called for. Whatever the so-called experts (many of whom are sponsored by the Mobile Phone Operators and whom are giving their opinions out of their fields of expertise) might think, Sir William is a past Chairman of the NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board) and his credentials give him
    the greatest credibility in this debate. Thus, this is a very worthy subject which was covered correctly, and bravely on the part of the Researchers and the Presenter. I wish that more programmes covered this
    topic since Panorama has just scratched the surface.
    Don’t waste time – Do it NOW!*

    Thanks a lot


    The Panorama programme is up and running on Mast-victims.org
    It is totally free of charge for anyone wanting to view and listen.


    Circulate this email to everyone.

    Please help support Panorama; your support is very important.

    Please write to the BBC, go to the complaints page and add a comment on the
    praise section http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/make_complaint_step1.shtml

    Another Blog to comment on:-


    Link to view Panorama again

    Read the following quote that I received this week from Dr Goldsworthy,
    Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London, his interest in the
    biological effects of electromagnetic fields dates back over 30 years.
    For more information about Dr Goldsworthy go to

    Powerful Quote:
    “I seriously wonder whether the WiFi and mobile phone industries know what
    they are doing. There are getting on for about two billion mobile phones in
    existence (which is equivalent to roughly one third of the human population)
    and the uptake of WiFi is accelerating. If each unit caused even a small
    amount of genetic damage, the cumulative effect on the population as a whole
    would be enormous and probably irreversible. Are there really people out
    there who would sell the whole human genome for thirty pieces of silver?”

    Thank you for your support.
    Eileen O’Connor

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