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    #680:Paediatricians warn against mobile phones

    From Sylvie:


    Paediatricians warn against mobile phones

    Tue 13/03/07 – A group of Flemish paediatricians has started a campaign to stop children under 16 years of age from using mobile phones. That’s according to a report by the daily Het Laatste Nieuws.

    The doctors will act as a sort of pressure group under the name “Beperk de straling” (limit radiation). They have started a petition to demand a ban on the use of mobile phones by children under 16.

    Various paediatric departments in hospitals have posters on display to warn parents against the dangers of mobile phones.

    Michèle Verboven, one of the paediatricians who took the initiative, says “it’s almost 100% sure that mobile phones pose a serious health threat to children.”

    “Mobile phones are not toys. The government has failed to inform parents about the dangers,” adds Jan Allein, another forefront runner in the campaign.

    The Flemish Association of Paediatricians will consider the issue this week and is expected to take a common stand on the matter.

    From headaches to depression

    Scientific research increasingly shows a link between the use of mobile phones and a disorder in brain activity among children.

    According to the latest studies carried out in Spain, a brain function disorder can cause an immunity lapse. The children’s ability to learn could also be affected, as well as the mental health of the child. The latter could result in headaches, sleeping problems, concentration lapses and deviant behaviour including depression and aggression.

    Swedish research proved that radiation emitted by mobile phones reaches the interior of children’s brains. This could result in the development of brain tumours in the long run.

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