• 14 MAR 07
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    #672: Latest Swedish report on EMF Health Risks now available

    The latest report on EMF health risks from an expert committee for the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI) is now available on-line at: http://www.ssi.se/ssi_rapporter/pdf/ssi_rapp_2007_4.pdf

    The report, overall, is very conservative and dismissive of health effects from both ELF and RF/MW exposures. Positive findings are mentioned but then generally discounted. An example is the often replicated 12 mG power frequency magnetic field blocking effect on melatonin and tamofixen’s ability to block the growth of breast cancer cells in laboratory studies ( the Tamoxifen effect was not mentioned in the Swedish report). The earlier UK AGNIR Advisory Group’s conclusion is given “that the effect is fairly small, not robust, and has doubtful significance for human health”. They also state that “Overall the Advisory Group [AGNIR] conclude that the evidence to date does not support the hypothesis that exposure to power frequency EMFs affects melatonin levels or the risk of breast cancer”. (page 33) Compare this dismissal to the Microwave News reporting of the 12 mG effect that is available at: < http://www.microwavenews.com/docs/mwn.11-05.pdf>

    The report’s conservative bias is perhaps understandable considering that 5 out of the 7 experts who wrote the SSI report are members of ICNIRP and are wedded to ICNIRP’s no-low-level effects school of thought. With this level of bias, the SSI report is not so much a new ground-breaking review of the evidence but just another ICNIRP inspired re-hash from other so-called expert groups masquerading as a new Swedish independent expert report.

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