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    #644: The Courier Mail mentions “new” report on Toowong ABC studios

    Following on from the last message, the Brisbane Courier Mail has picked up on our Toowong report (Maisch, Podd & Rapley) and the following appeared in today’s edition. Note that ARPANSA’s CEO Colin Roy claims that “the tests showed only “very low” levels of ELF”. Well, if they are so low why the delay in releasing the findings?

    One of the central tenants of the scientific method is independent replication of claimed findings so whatever ARPANSA claims to have found that will need to be verified by further independent measurements before the case is closed. If course, if ARPANSA’s measurements are that low, ABC should have no qualms about further measurements being taken in their Toowong building. We will see…..


    The Courier Mail

    7 Feb, 2007
    Melanie Christriansen

    A RARE chance to pinpoint an environmental cause of breast cancer and prevent some cases of the disease could be lost if the ABC’s abandoned Brisbane site is demolished too soon, a new report has warned.
    The Toowong studios were evacuated after an independent investigation found a likely link between the workplace and a breast cancer rate up to 11 times higher than normal.
    ABC managing director Mark Scott has said the property could be sold off to help fund the development of new Brisbane headquarters for the national broadcaster.
    But electromagnetic radiation experts, led by Wollongong researcher Don Maisch, are urging the ABC to preserve the site for further research.
    In a report sent to ABC management, the experts warn there are still “unresolved issues” at the Toowong site that need urgent investigation.
    “In our opinion, it is imperative that all efforts be made to determine the cause of the breast cancer cluster . . . for it is very likely that similar situations are duplicated in other work premises around Australia,” the report says.
    The authors argue further research could yield life-saving lessons about the design of safer workplaces.
    Mr Maisch says a key issue needing further investigation is the level of extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation at the former ABC studios.
    ELF tests by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency in December are yet to be reported.
    But agency director Dr Colin Roy said the tests showed only “very low” levels of ELF.
    The closure of the Toowong site has forced the ABC to split up its Brisbane operation, with a temporary newsroom set up at Mount Coot-tha and local radio programs broadcasting from a bus in a Toowong carpark.

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