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    #589: Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research

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    #589: Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research

    From Libby Kelly:

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am sending a pdf. attachment [Reply to Don for the file] and above link to a newly published article by Lennart Hardell and Eli Richter, medical doctors and EMF science researchers, called “Secret Ties” (Journal of Industrial Medicine (2006) that describes industry influence over the reported outcome of “independent” scientific research that is being strategically designed to affect policy development and legal decisions. Among the many case studies well documented herein, I especially refer you to the section on how Motorola’s behind the scenes participation in certain studies in Sweden on possible epidemiological connections between cell phones and brain tumors were aimed at discrediting the work of Lennart Hardell. Motorola’s involvement in those studies was found to be tied to a major tort claim against Motorola brought by Dr. Chris Newmann, who later died of brain cancer. Hardell’s testimony in this case was considered pivitol to its outcome. The paper recommends that scientific integrity requires greater transparency and continued monitoring is required by the independent scientific community and editors of scientific journals.
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    Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research

    Editor’s. comment. Some consulting firms employ university researchers for industry work thereby disguising industry links in the income of large departments. If the industry affiliation is concealed by the scientist, biases from conflicting interests in risk assessments cannot be evaluated and dealt with properly. Furthermore, there is reason to suspect that editors and journal staff may suppress publication of scientific results that are adverse to industry owing to internal conflict of interest between editorial integrity and business needs.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine

    Elizabeth Kelley
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    International Commission For Electromagnetic Safety
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