• 29 OCT 06
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    #576: “Unidentified Acoustic Phenomena” in Canada

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    #576: “Unidentified Acoustic Phenomena” in Canada

    From Robert Reidlinger in Canada:

    Hi Don

    The drone mentioned is heard by myself and neighbors near me. I also hear it at my son’s place aprox 250 miles from hear. I stopped in a mountain pass on the way to my son’s place I and could hear the same sound, not as loud. I hear three different sounds, one is extremely high, another like a motor running at a distance. Those started when I first moved near a cellphone,TV, FM radio tower. A very low level drone, like is described below, started two years ago(2004) in about June. It stopped after about a week and started again in September and has not stopped since. I hear it day and night and it drives me up the wall. I have to keep background noise on in order to sleep. The sound itself is not the problem,it seems to penetrate my body and it makes me feel ill. I have a Tri-field meter from Alpha, with a needle dial, and when I turn the dial to magnetic field 1/3 Mili Gauss and set it on a firm base the needle fluctuates with the sound. I believe it is to do with radio waves, harmonics. I live aprox. 50 miles from Vancouver BC and the only other sounds I hear are trains about a mile away. The sound of the trains can be louder at times than the drone but I don’t feel ill from it. There is no heavy industry around me for miles. If you can write to the editor I would advise you let people know that a fan or music on a radio etc. – helps the ease the discomfort of the drone.

    Best Regards Robert

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