• 24 OCT 06
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    #573: Update on the Benevento Resolution

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    #573: Update on the Benevento Resolution

    From Elizabeth Kelley:

    Dear Benevento Resolution Supporters and Interested Parties,

    This is to inform you that the Benevento Resolution has been updated to include eleven new signators – http://www.icems.eu>www.icems.eu

    Other revisions to the site include:

    1. Application guidelines,
    2. A copy of the Resolution on its own web page
    3. In addition to the Official English original, five translations of the Resolution are inserted as pdf files – French, Hebrew, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

    We hope to add Italian and German translations shortly.

    If you are a scientist and wish to sign the resolution, or know of someone who might be interested, we refer you to the submission guidelines posted at www.icems.eu.

    Kind regards,


    Elizabeth Kelley
    Benevento Resolution Coordinator
    International Commission For Electromagnetic Safety
    Email: info@icems.eu
    Web: www.icems.eu

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