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    #568: More on brain tumours in cameramen

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    #568: More on brain tumours in cameramen

    The following is from UK film-maker Sarah Dacre in response to message # 565, titled: Brain tumour cluster in BBC video cameramen


    After we had finished filming our golf TV series, A Golfer’s Travels with Peter Alliss in 1997, our second camera man who was otherwise very health, fit and newly third time married had a cerebral aneurysm. His claim to fame was that his two eyes focussed differently at the same time to allow him to focus on the golf ball trajectory, he could track the ball through the view finder and look ahead with his other eye.

    When he had his haemhorrage I thought it somewhat odd and connected it to this unusual brain adjustment which permitted him to be the best in his field.

    I will ask my production colleagues and get back on any unusual findings. But at the Resurgence show in Oxford last month, I spoke to the camera man there and he mentioned that several of his colleagues working for his production team had died of brain tumours at relatively young ages and that he had inherited one of their mobile phones which he had declined to use. He did comment that many of his mates had developed rheumatism from all their proximity to equipment.

    with kind regards
    Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB

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