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    #539: Comments on previous message

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    #539: Comments on previous message

    From Milt Bowling:

    Hi Don ,

    The reporter (last message) asked about school communities that have minimized exposure, and the Vancouver School Board passed a resolution, below, which did just that last year.



    Vancouver School Board Resolution, Feburary 7, 2005

    There is no conclusive evidence that the installation of cellular antenna on or adjacent to schools is safe, and

    The current standard for maximum allowable exposure levels for radiating energy in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is based on thermal effects only, and

    Results from active research in this area is not expected to be available in the immediate future to confirm a satisfactory level of student safety, and

    Part of the core purpose of VSB is to provide a safe learning environment for our students:

    Be It Resolved That:

    a. no further installations of cellular antenna be permitted on any school building or school grounds regularly used by students, and

    b. that VSB policy, KMGA, Incompatible Land Uses Near Schools, be amended to include any installation of cellular antenna within 305 m (1000 feet) of a school as an incompatible use and that VSB be so notified.

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