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    #512: Comments on last message from Iris Atzmon

    Comments about the news on Don Maisch’s weblog: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/?p=511
    “Not pesticides, not background radiation, not mobile telephones, no, none of those things.” – I think the Israeli cancer association would readily hire him. It is indeed the fashion among “the cancer industry” to speak like that.
    They call it “evidence based” I call it “cash based”. The evidence is the last thing on their minds.
    I would check who funds him.

    With regard to measurements, here are some general lessons I learnt from the israeli experience:
    – never to believe easily to the reported results until you check them yourself and until you know exacly where they
    measured the radiation. For example measurments in Israel are done many times in places where the person is not present like behind trees, outside buildings instead of inside and tricks like that. Especially to be suspicious when the results are not given in clear numbers but in vague sentences like “percentage from the standard” or “stands within the standard”. What are the exact numbers? this is the question. Saying that results are similar to other places doesn’t prove anything, maybe also in other places there are clusters that are not reported? etc.

    – There may be a calibration problem in other countries as there is in Israel. It was found out that the Israeli laboratory that calibrates the measurement devices is not an authorized laboratory by the national authority for laboratories authorization, which means it is not authorized to calibrate the radiation devices because it does not stand
    in ISO 17025 standard. There was a meeting about it in the parliament with the Env. ministry but the Environment ministry (that changed its name lately to “environmental protection ministry” , I don’t really know why becase it’s not what they are doing) still ignores the problem. There were found significant differences between results from the laboratory and results that were received in other devices that were calibrated abroad. Sometimes 10 fold differences. Still, the state insists to calibrate in this particular laboratory, and the head of the laboratory who actually calibrates the devices (although his laboratory is not authorized) gives lectures to the public which are paid by industry which is conflict of interest, and generally
    he is very connected with the industry. This situation can be also in other countries, Israel didn’t invent the wheel.


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