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    #502: Funding the Italian cell phone study

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    #500: Are cell phones addictive?

    From David B├╝cher [re: last message]

    Dear Don,

    “Perhaps someone should inquire as to who funded this study”Ž”Ž”

    Easily done, see http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/abstract/112660876/ABSTRACT

    The Acknowledgements section from the full text article:

    “The research was granted by Telecom Italia Mobile (project EC7305) and Associazione Fatebenefratelli per la Ricerca.

    We thank E. Fusco and G. Pietrobono for their help with the experiments and Eng. D. Ponzo for technical support. We also thank Motorola GmbH, Corporate Technology, Niederkassel-Mondorf (Germany) for supplying the equipment. SAR and field measurements were performed by the Bioelectromagnetic Group at the Department of Electronic Engineering (University of Rome La Sapienza) and by the Section of Environmental Toxicology and Biomedical Sciences, Laboratory of Bioelectromagnetism (ENEA Casaccia, Rome).”

    Best regards,
    David B├╝cher

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