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    #500: Are cell phones addictive?

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    Following is a message from Sarah Dacre in the UK commenting on the last message “Cell phone signals excite brain”:

    Hi Don,

    Just briefly, and as an ES UK based person attempting to get my life back together after being struck down last year with ME caused by EMFs.

    I am part of HESE-UK and paying close attention to the developments in research and feedback about EMFs.

    When I had to give up my mobile phone last year, in addition to being truly sick, I also had to put myself through cold turkey from being addicted to my phone.

    It took about 6 months to get over the tug of needing to use my phone, I had a warm feeling above my ear all the time even though I had given up my mobile and I noticed a sickly taste dripping down my throat on the side I had used my phone. My eye sight was also worsened on the right side and this has since improved enough not to wear glasses. I was well and truly addicted and completely attached to making phone calls and would use the phone all day long.

    I know that my brain chemicals have altered since going cold turkey and I sincerely hope and pray that I have escaped from anything worse than the symptoms described above. I am still fighting to recover from ME which gets worse whenever I have been exposed to radiation but at least I am up and about and can attend meetings albeit on a reduced basis.

    I can see the addiction in people’s faces when I tell them my story and they cannot conceive how they would manage to cope without a phone – their mobile possibly ranks above their children and partner in what they count as basic necessity in their daily existence.

    I am now working on getting a case book of ES together for raising public awareness and for getting articles published in the media. We have about a dozen in the UK in the past 3 months.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Dacre

    London, UK

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