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    Mystery as car alarms go haywire

    From Robert Reidlinger:

    They will investigate complaints of malfunctioning car alarms but ignore human health complaints such as headaches , sleep disturbance,ringing and buzzing in the ears and head,fatigue,blurry vision and even cancers???



    “Communications regulator Ofcom has said the problem also affects other areas and says it will investigate following complaints.”

    Mystery as car alarms go haywire

    By John Brenan
    Apr 25, 2006

    Car alarms and central locking systems are being sent haywire in the Black Country by a mysterious radio frequency blocking their signals.
    In two neighbouring streets dozens of bemused drivers have suffered with the fault, with some spending days locked out of their cars. Communications regulator Ofcom has said the problem also affects other areas and says it will investigate following complaints.

    Problems were first noticed a month ago in Quarry Bank leaving drivers dumbfounded about how to solve the problem. They think a nearby radio transmitter or new mobile phone mast could be to blame.

    Peter Hunt, of Thorns Avenue, said he could not gain access to his Toyota Yaris – but his wife’s Yaris, parked beside it, was fine.
    He added: “I went out and couldn’t unlock the car so I changed the battery and it was still the same. It lasted for about 10 days and then suddenly started working.”

    Ian and Carole Rushton, of Cider Avenue, said they could not get into their Land Rover for a day and that the problem returned this weekend. Mrs Rushton said: “I need to for work and can’t get into the car. On Saturday we couldn’t go to the St George’s Day celebrations in Dudley and it is really annoying.”

    Neighbour Leslie Tromans said problems with his daughter’s Peugeot 306 began a week ago. “It’s worrying because you just don’t know whether you are going to get into the car or not. “It could be a dangerous situation too if there was an emergency,” he said.

    A spokeswoman for Ofcom, the communications regulator that looks into problems with frequency signals, said an investigator would be sent out once complaints are logged.
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