• 24 MAY 06
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    More on living under antennas

    Following is a very old question sent to me in Jan of 2000. Very relevant to the last message.

    Dear Mr. Maisch,

    Do you have any information that I could use for the following:

    This is the situation:

    I live in a block of flats in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where 5 years ago a daughter company of AIR TOUCH has proposed to install on the roof a relay station ( transmitters, receivers and aerials ) for the exchange of a monthly fee.

    This is a property that belongs to 14 owners, all living there, and after a vote it was decided to negotiate and finally it was accepted to sign the contract.

    I was against this decision but since there was not much experience and information on the subject, I could not fight it with facts.

    Two years later a neighbour has developed a brain tumour and died within 6 months. Me and my family, we have had head aches, tiredness in the morning and sometimes difficulty in sleeping. A cause effect relationship has not been established, mainly because we are only thinking about these things and there is not enough information about it.

    Now it is time to decide if the contract is renewed or not and I would like to have as much information in order to support my gut feeling decision to not renew it, and stand up to my neighbours.


    Paulo Saraiva
    Sterling Software – Lisbon
    COOL:Solutions for eBusiness

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