• 25 MAY 06
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    “EMR and Health” Newsletter now available

    Notice from Lyn McLean

    The June issue of the email newsletter “EMR and Health” is now available.

    This issue contains the information about the latest scientific research on the EMR/health connection, including powerful new studies on childhood leukemia and mobile phones and brain tumours. There’s new information about the effects of mobile phone antennas on surrounding populations and a new Australian standard available for public comment. The issue contains information on shielding as well as the latest news and items of interest.

    For more information, contact EMR Australia at office@emraustralia.com.au.

    Warm regards
    Lyn McLean

    EMR Australia PL
    PO Box 738
    Gymea NSW 2227
    61 2 9501 2665

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