• 14 APR 06
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    DECT / Wi-Fi info leaflet now available

    From Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts

    Dear All,

    When I asked a few weeks ago the only leaflet that was available to warn people about mobile devices was that American one “Your mobile phone is making me sick” which raved on a bit, and listed about 3 US books from Amazon.com (in the US) as sources of information. Not really the best effort for sceptics based in the UK, and didn’t incorporate newer threats such as DECT, Wi-fi and WiMAX.

    As a response to this we wrote our own, and had the majority of the contents sanity-checked by another well-known list member. (Thanks!)

    The full text is as follows, but the full PDF version (with a nice cover) can be downloaded from our website at http://www.nomasts.org.uk/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_

    Please distribute, ideally as an A5 leaflet, as widely as you can, and send to all your contacts. That’s what we are doing down/up here in Woking.

    Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts

    Masts Inside Your HOME? Tumours in Your Head? The Downsides of the Mobile/Wireless ‘Revolution’

    Various Devices in our Homes work and emit similarly to Mobile Telephone Masts: Mobile Phones, Wireless Networking (Wi-fi), Cordless Telephones (DECT), Bluetooth, Wireless (Interactive) Whiteboards and Baby Monitors etc.

    Looming on the horizon also are City-wide Wi-fi “Clouds”/”Hot Spots”, Wi-fi enabled games consoles, Wireless Entertainment Systems and Wide-area WiMAX. .

    The health risks associated with Mobile Telephone Masts come with the above devices too “” although no doubt no one has told you this.

    Don’t let others test their new devices out on you, your family and friends. Remember you cannot buy your health or life back if you get ill from harmful emissions.

    There IS Research and Evidence to show that the technology used in the above is NOT safe. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This leaflet is not to scare you; it is to Inform You.

    Brought to you by GRAM – www.nomasts.org.uk

    Introduction to The Downsides of the Mobile/Wireless ‘Revolution’

    Do you have a Cordless Phone (DECT, as most now are) or Wireless Networking (Wi-fi) in your house? If you do, or know someone who does or who is thinking about buying these types of device, it is vital that you realise that they work upon the same principles as Mobile Telephones and their Masts. Since shops now sell virtually only Digital Cordless Phones (DECT), your cordless phone will most likely be a DECT phone, even if you were not aware of this. You should also be aware that Bluetooth Devices (such as those found in some luxury cars), Interactive Whiteboards (already in many schools), some Burglar Alarms and many digital Baby Monitors also work along similar lines to Mobile Telephones and their Masts using microwave radiation. Wi-fi “Clouds” or “Hot Spots” carry similar problems. The latest generation of Games Consoles, often used by young children, are being Wi-fi enabled. A new generation of Wireless Entertainment Systems, Wireless Music Systems, Digital Wireless Streamers, Wireless Stereo Headphones and Wi-fi Radios use either Wi-fi or “class 1″ Bluetooth for distances up to 100m. Whole Towns and Cities are being targeted by Wi-fi providers for Blanket Coverage via Street Lamps. Some next-generation radio bar codes (RFID)s, soon to be used in supermarkets, use microwave frequencies “” others use lower frequencies [25].

    SNIP : Please download the 12 page leaflet and distribute to schools, trade Unions, etc.

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