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    Mercury vaccines, electrosensitivity, autism, other infant disorders

    From Lyn-Louise Milnes in New Zealand:

    Mercury vaccines, electrosensitivity, autism, other infant

    Here is a list of facts linking TCV vaccines containing mercury (thimerosal) to electrosensitivity and to childhood developmental problems like ADHD, tics and autism.

    Sadly, (1) some evidence suggests that some people may be more electro-sensitive than others,
    (2) high levels of mercury in the body have been associated with electro-sensitivity,
    (3) once taken in to the body, mercury stays there and accumulates,
    (4) many vaccines contain “thimerosal”, which means mercury,
    (5) this includes infant vaccines,
    (6) these tiny babies can get 50 to 75 micrograms of mercury in one shot,
    (7) the EPA-recommended maximum adult ingestion of mercury is 1 microgram/day, (8) research shows that TCVs (thimerosal-containing vaccines)have adverse neurodevelopment outcomes, including raised levels of hyperactivity, ADHD, speech delays, and tics, and 2.5 times as many cases of autism,
    (9) the most-quoted CDC study, saying “TCVs are okay”, published in Pediatrics in November 2003, was at first quite different in its first 1999 draft and indicated a significant neurodevelopmental risk to infants from thimerosal-containing vaccines. (10) This study, before publication anywhere, went through a second stage and was worked on in 1991 for the CDC by a man who soon after became an employee of GlaxoSmithKline (a major vaccine-maker), (11) this employee, Thomas Verstraeten, reworked the data and incorporated new quite differently-derived data which he added in, despite different research methods including a different coding system for the diagnostics.


    (12) alternative versions of the SAME vaccines do NOT contain thimerosal,
    (13) when my children were young, vaccines were ordered by the local doctor for each patient on a name-of-patient-given-to-supplier basis (are they still? I don’t know),
    (14) so there is a big USA and worldwide question to be addressed about why some babies got TCVs and others did not, over several decades.

    Lyn-Louise Milnes
    in New Zealand

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