• 03 MAR 06
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    Headaches, nosebleeds from TETRA

    Sent by Iris Atzmon:

    For some it is more than a minor irritant. When a TETRA mast went live just a few hundred yards from Littlehamptom Primary School in Sussex in 2004, 11 children were sent home with headaches and nosebleeds.

    According to Mr Morrison, all the Thornwood sufferers began reporting microwave symptoms at the same time as two masts, 3G and TETRA, were put up in the area. “There are now 15 masts in the Partick area,” he added. “The worst affected are those who live in the cross-lines between the 3G and TETRA masts.”

    “People here are getting angry because they feel they are being ignored. Everyone wants to know why the authorities won’t recognise what’s going on – why are they covering this up?”

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