• 31 JAN 06
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    Studies are beginning to undermine faith in mobile phones

    Notice from Eileen O’Connor:

    Please find enclosed link to full report:


    I”™ve not had time to read the EU report in full, however it includes the Reflex project showing an image of cell damage, DNA strand breaks after 24hr continuous exposure to mobile phone radiation, similar cell damage appeared after the cell was exposed to gamma-irradiation, 0.5Gy = to 1600 chest x-rays.

    The Ramp 2001 project admits that a growing number of research studies are beginning to undermine faith in mobile phones. Research suggests that low frequency RF fields may have biological effects unrelated to heating. Although many in the scientific community and industry dispute the relevance of the research, some groups argue that non-thermal effects warrant further investigation.

    Eileen O”™Connor

    EM Radiation Research Trust



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