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    Mitigation efforts in homes too close to high voltage powerlines…

    From Joanne C. Mueller on RF filters

    Dear Don: I would not like to give the impression that “filters” per se may have caused problems because those I know who understand basic electricity, etc. emphatically state that filters/capacitors would not be expected to be responsible for causing health problems.

    My message has been that, when a home is too close to high voltage powerlines, I believe that there are unique problems that require attention before filter placement. I now also think, based on current information, that all mitigation efforts in homes too close to high voltage lines will most likely not reduce the overall hazards of living in such a location. There are too many transients, waveforms, surges, etc. not to mention “unique grounding issues” in the case of homes by high voltage lines.

    Milligauss readings here at our place this afternoon were 8.7 to 9.2 milligauss in master bedroom and front entry. At the same time, the reading on Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter at our kitchen outlet was only 22.0 gs units which is really very good. A reading at an outlet next to our basement stairway, however, was 300.0 gs units. Other outlets were in the range of about 50.0 gs units which would be considered to be at highest level of acceptability with 30.0 gs units or less being recommended. As mentioned, those readings are not the only cosiderations in a home such as ours.

    Dr. Magda Havas, Dave Stetzer and Dr. Tel-Oren all report favorable results in homes that I assume are not within 200 ft. of high voltage powerlines. I don’t know distance from high voltage lines where pollution might be reduced by filter use and other methods.

    Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, a Minneapolis Alternative Medicine Doctor ( www.emfpollution.com ) now makes the statement (at least “verbally” during his EMF talks — have not yet had chance to check for this on his site) that “…….nothing can be done to improve overall EMF/EMR situation in a home too close to high voltage powerlines…..[not verbatim’]”

    At the time(s) we installed filters here at our place and later at daughter’s place (both homes too close to high voltage powerlines), filters were being placed in various outlets in bedrooms — some right behind the heads of beds. We now recognize such placement of filters may explain why I recorded new symptoms and/or increased symptoms in my husband, myself and two of our grandchildren as well as worsening of headaches in grandson at our daughter’s house. In addition to close proximity to beds, a filter was also placed directly behind our living room couch where the children spent a great deal of time during their stay at our house.

    Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren now emphatically states that filters should not be placed within 3 ft. of beds. Unfortunately, both times we installed filters here at our place, filters were placed in outlets directly behind the beds. Filters were also in bedroom outlets at daughter’s house although they were at least 2 ft. from beds.

    Dr. Tel-Oren, also supports that “no electrical appliance/device” should be close to the head of one’s bed.

    Dr. Magda Havas as well as Dave Stetzer also recommend caution regarding other electrical items including filters in regard to proximity to one’s bed.

    I noticed that Dr. Tel-Oren’s site now goes into quite a bit of detail in regard to grounding although I didn’t have a chance to check to see whether he is recommending attention to grounding issues prior to filter placement. I do know the sites — www.electricalpollution.com and www.stetzerelectric.com also have information re grounding.

    In the spring of 2004, when I attended the class for Certified EMF Remediators (Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren), the statement was made that filters address about 85% of the pollution in a home — due to reducing high frequencies measurable on household wiring, with the additional information that one might want to address grounding issues if desiring even more improvement. That still seems to be the case……..BUT, with the cautionary information regarding filter placement in bedrooms/near beds, etc.

    I have not heard anyone state that filters will eliminate EMF/EMR pollution 100% but as Dr. Tel-Oren states, “…..an 85% reduction in pollution due to reducing high frequencies on electrical wiring is quite significant and there are many reports of improved health!

    A “difference” between Dr. Tel-Oren’s advice — also recommendations at one time by Dr. Magda Havas and Dave Stetzer — is the fact that the issue of grounding was not given “high priority” as was the case with a BauBiologist, Oram Miller (Minneapolis) who strongly recommended investigation re potential grounding problems and other possible electrical problems re wiring, etc. prior to evaluating need for filters.

    There are other filters. I don’t have information but believe persons having evaluations done by BauBiologist Oram Miller ( www.info@createhealthyhomes.com – email address: orammiller@earthlink.net are referred to a website re Golner Filters.

    Dr. Tel-Oren stated at a meeting on December 27, 2005, that the Golner Filters are not UL Approved (Underwriters Laboratory) and he also explained differences such as Graham/Stetzer Filters being superior insofar as overall results due to their smaller size — more coverage for less cost and possibly one other favorable point which I can’t recall at moment.

    Dr. Magda Havas and Dave Stetzer have done studies in schools as well as homes indicating “many favorable results” as result of filter installations.

    In the instances of our place and daughter’s house, it is unfortunate that we are about 150 miles from Dave Stetzer, making a more intensive investigation rather difficult and very costly. For now, we are encouraged to hear about all of the improvement in persons suffering from headaches, asthma, blood sugar levels as well as the exciting case regarding “noticeable improvement” in a person suffering debilitating effects from Multiple Sclerosis after filter placement.

    Obviously, we all learn from sharing experiences and information. It is unfortunate that we did not know about need to make sure filters are not installed close to beds, couches and other locations where persons spend a lot of time resting and sleeping……. No “permanent harm” was done and we soon were not experiencing the new symptoms, etc.

    Due to my concerns about information being “taken out of context,” at this time, we may be doing the public a bigger favor by not giving “wide distribution” sharing information re our experience(s). I would prefer statements regarding adverse experiences and/or “non-improvement,” if any other reports, be made by Dr. Havas, Dave Stetzer or Dr. Tel-Oren.

    With the current recommendations re caution re filter placement in bedrooms, this may very well be the difference between improvement or non-improvement for those not living too close to high voltage powerlines. Reports on improvement in schools seem to be very favorable. Take care – Joanne

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