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    Comments on Shivani Arjuna’s last message

    From Frans van Velden:

    I agree.

    Verschaeve and (Annemie, not Wolfgang) Maes of VITO have experimented with regard to ‘lipoatrophia’, the relocating of fat (also known from people who use insulin or anti-HIV medication). In an office in Belgium several workers had lipoatrophia semicircularis, combined with burning skin and fatigue (this information often is left out, as if it does not matter). The cables in one office were changed for ferrit cables (taking away the unnecessary, foreign frequencies) and the complaints disappeared.

    See: http://www.sfowler.com/esdjournal/lipoatrophia.htm
    “The cause has to be found in electromagnetism”, says Annemarie Maes.

    If the resonance working mechanism is true, then the frequency does not matter too much. If the given radiation is coherent with an oscillation in the body, resonance will take place. The body has thousands of coherent oscillations with all kinds of frequencies, low and high. All of these can be disturbed by external radiation, if resonance can take place.


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