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    Spin doctoring 3G in Denmark

    From Sianette Kwee:


    Press release from Aarhus University:

    “A few years ago a study from the Netherlands showed that 3G
    mobiltelephone radiation gave serious symptoms and health complaints in a group of testpersons. This upset a great deal of the Danish population and a strong resistance against 3G-rollout in Denmark. The results from our study will be published in 1.5 years time.”


    To pacify the population the Danish parliament granted DKK 15 million for a researchproject on Health effects of Non-ionizing radiation, to be given in 2 portions and terminated within 4 years. A few groups with a complete blank record of EMF research got the grants. Last month the last part was granted to the same groups, though no preliminary results were shown.

    (the projects’ descriptions should be in English)

    The above group from Aarhus are replicating the Dutch study in their own way. In their next study they will also include effects from TETRA used by the police. Among others they registrate the testpersons’ reactions after 45 min exposure. They also underline that it is very important to link reported symptoms etc. to the testpersons psychological/mental state. Prof.emer.Joergen Bach Andersen from Aalborg takes care of the RF exposure. The chief of the Aarhus institute in question is on the programcomittee deciding about the grants. He is also member of the governments expert committee that advised the government on the sale of 3G licenses and to get along with 3G- rollout. His point of view on EHS has always been that it does not exist, but is a state of mind of EHS sufferers.


    It is not necessary to wait for their results another 1.5 years. You can already guess their conclusion, since J.B. Andersen already got money to start to develop 4G. The government can be satisfied that their whitewashing money has fulfilled its purpose. They wanted a Danish research study, because they can rely on that and it will not interfere with their mobiltelephony plans.

    Sianette Kwee

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