• 12 NOV 05
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    Response to “The Asthma Plague”

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    There is no doubt that the increasing worldwide incidence of asthma is a pandemic. And, there is no doubt that asthma has more than one cause.

    With that said, I wish to provide evidence that asthma may be linked to an allergic like reaction from exposure to high frequency (RF) transients that exist on the 50 Hz or 60 Hz electrical power wiring. The electrical utility industry refers to the existence of these transients on the electrical power as “dirty power”.

    These transients can be easily filtered from the electrical wiring. This was done at a small elementary school in the State of Wisconsin here in the U.S.A. The result: 34 of 37 children with asthma, no longer needed nebulizer treatments after the “dirty power” was removed from the school’s electrical wiring.

    To read more about this story go to Google and search for “Melrose Mindoro Elementary School asthma”. There are 104 hits.

    It is important that this result be replicated. If any reader is interested in replicating this result at a school I would urge them to contact Lloyd Morgan via email: bilovsky@aol.com.

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