• 16 NOV 05
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    More on Dirty Power and dairy farms

    From Lloyd Morgan (replying to last message) :

    Dear Don,

    Yes, we a very litigious society. Part of the reason for this is that justice cannot be achieved any other way. The legislature and executive branches are all controlled by corporations. The courts are the only option left. With this said, let me also describe what was required to win this suit. First, some background.

    Dairy farmers, beginning roughly in 1992, found that their milk production suddenly dropped. These farmers operate a very marginal business and so those that remain are the absolute best dairy farmers. Many had received awards for the efficiency and most our college educated and read scientific journals as such as Dairy Science. At first they blamed themselves. But, when it became evident that dairy farms production would rise and drop on the same day across large distances, they realized something was wrong.

    Eventually they came to understand that it was electrical current, including dirty power, that was being deliberately placed into the earth itself (so that the utilities would not have to increase the size of the return wire). They went to the utilities only to be “stonewalled” (an American idiom referring to a US civil war General “Stonewall” Jackson whose troops never gave way to the most severe enemy attack). They went to the government, but were ignored. In some areas, 75% of the dairy farmers went bankrupt, because the loss of milk production tipped them over from profit to loss.

    The only option was litigation. They had to go through 3 court processes (local, appeal and supreme courts) when they finally “won” after a 10-year process. They received financial compensation for real losses (however the lawyers fee’s were roughly 40%). The problem of dirty power remains uncorrected.


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