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    Mobile mast attack inquiry

    Mobile mast attack inquiry

    BBC News
    Monday, 16 July, 2001,

    Police in the west of Scotland have launched an inquiry after a gang severely damaged a controversial mobile phone mast.

    Strathclyde Police said members of a group of 15 people threatened a security guard at the site where the transmitter, near Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, is being built.

    It is thought that the damage caused in the attack on Saturday could cost about £25,000 to repair.

    Plans by mobile phone company Orange to proceed with the mast at the Castlehill Farm site have met with opposition from local residents.

    Police said the gang threatened a security guardA spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: “There was an incident between 0200 and 0300 BST on Saturday.

    “A 41-year-old security guard at the site was threatened with a weapon by one man and a number of people then extensively damaged the mast.

    “The security guard was not injured and enquiries are continuing.”

    A spokesman for Orange later confirmed that the transmitter site had been severely damaged following the incident.

    The spokesman said: “The telecommunications installation, which was under construction, was not operational at the time.

    “Orange has taken steps to ensure the safety of the site since the incident and we are now working with Strathclyde Police to investigate the matter further.”

    Radiation fears

    New regulations were introduced by the Scottish Executive last month which mean that, from the end of this month, all ground-based masts will be subject to full planning control.

    There will also be restrictions on the number and height of masts on buildings.

    There have been some angry protests over masts close to buildings amid fears about the effects of radiation.

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