• 14 NOV 05
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    Health concerns with Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)

    After receiving Lloyd Morgan’s comments about “the asthma plague” – weblog message # 293. I asked Lloyd what he thought about any possible health effects from Broadband over Powerlines (BPL), where they pump RF into the power grid circuit to give universial access to broadband though your home and office wiring. The BPL signal is far greater than other forms of “dirty power” (RF on powerlines), and is strong enough to cause interference for short wave ham operaters and some other wireless systems.

    BPL is now being introduced into Tasmania and will soon be introduced in other parts of Australia as well.

    Lloyd’s comments:


    There is no new technology that terrifies more than BPL. I cannot imagine that there will not be a host of health problems as soon as it is introduced. Unfortunately, most of these health problems are often seen a pscho-somatic disease (i.e., doctor often attribute the symptoms to craziness–“Its all in your head.”).

    The most common health problems are chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cognitive fog, insomnia and similar ailments. These are recognized diseases but they are diseases by diagnosis without biomarkers. As a result, I choose to examine and report health effects from dirty power exposure for two diseases with biomarkers: asthma and diabetes.

    It might be good to publicize this set of diseases prior to the implementation in Tasmania in order to alert Tasmanian citizens to be aware of such changes. Often people are slow to report these diseases until sometime has elapsed. I also think that they often go unreported because they fear stigmatization.

    I would suggest you Google “Stray Voltage” to get a sense of the scale of the problem in the American Midwest. Also check out www.electricalpollution.org and www.stetzerelectric.com for additional information about effects.

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