• 02 NOV 05
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    Cellphone manufacturers loose a High Court case

    From Agnes Ingvarsdottir:

    Ericsson and Nokia loose a High Court case in USA “” Class action ahead?

    The Mobile telephone manufactures did not succeed with their Stop-proposal at the American High Court.

    The Mobile phone manufacturers wanted to put a stop for consumers being able to take out court summons

    Against them related to health risk from radiation from mobile phones, according to Bloomberg news.

    The manufacturers behind the proposal were, between others, Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson.

    The High Court decision opens up for a class action against the mobile phone manufacturers, to go ahead.

    A group of consumers in Louisiana demands that every mobile phone user be given a headset to lower the radiation.

    Analysts tells Bloomberg news that the decision can open up for mass actions, by people who have contracted cancer, running into multimillions against the mobile phone manufacturers.


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