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    Swedish report of criminal activity for 3G

    Following is an interesting Swedish way of protest against 3G. Report the government for criminal activity! Some important points are made by Donald Forsberg below.


    From Agnes Ingvarsdottir:

    To the policeauthority in Stockholm County

    Report of criminal activity

    I hereby report the Swedish government for criminal activity and request that the police and prosecutors investigate whether the Swedish Prime Minister, any Ministers in the Swedish government or any leading representatives for these authorities are guilty of haveing commited a crime, by omitting to secure that the roll-out of the Swedish 3G-net has happeened without a risk for people’s health.

    On the following pages, background and justification for the reporting are listed

    Fårösund 27 september 2005

    I report the Swedish government and its managment to the police for criminal activity and request that the police must investigate whether Sweden’s Prime Minister, any Minister in the Swedish government or any leading representatives for these authorities are guiltyof committing criminal activity, by omitting to secure that the roll-out of the Swedish 3G-net has been executed without a risk for people’s health.

    After, twice, having read the book “Spelet om 3G” by Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad, which in a convincing way, shows that authorities and government lie and mislead on the question about health risks with the 3G-roll-out, and presents results that indicate serious health risks by exposure from mobile telecommunication radiation, I asked the SSI the (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority).

    The book clearly states that there exists only one study of the impact of 3G and this study shows negative effects despite a very short exposure. In addition to this, the book presents research that suggests risk for cancer and for negative effect in the form of sleep problems, headache, nausea and cardiogenic problems. I therefore asked if SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) could to give me a document wich would guarantee that the SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) would take full responsibility for the consequence of possible harm caused by the 3G-masts that exists in my environment.

    Lars Mjönes, the responsible person for the company activity at SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) replied: SSI can, of course not, give any guarantees of the kind you suggest. We do our risk assessments on the basis of the scientific knowledge that exists today. That knowledge can be changed in the future. SSI´s assessment is that base stations for mobile telecommunication do not cause any adverse health effects.

    I got, with this answer the proof for what is stated in the book: Swedish Radiation Protection Authority hides the fact that their claim, that there are risks, have no foundation, and at the same time they take no responsibility for the consequences.

    After contacting PTS I got the information that six 3G-basestations are placed within a radius of thousand metres from my family residence. The nearest being 200 metres away from the balcony, (in the centre of the beam direction), where my, not yet, two year old daughter mostly takes her midday nap.

    I have reasons to suspect that the government and the authorities deliberately set aside the Environment Chapters pre-cautionary principle, perhaps because of fear for the strong economic interests. The pre-cautionary principle shall, without exeptions, be applied, even when there is a moderate suspicion about health risks. Moreover, the pre-cautionary priciple includes a reversed burden of evidence: It is up to the industry to show that the radiation does not carry risks for people and environment “” something they have got away with ignoring, despite many people’s testemony about health effects.

    Why won´t the government and the authorities utilize all the knowledge, which among other things, a majority of the Swedish researchers who are active within this field possess, and who are highly critical of the current development? Why are the only “experts”, allowed to do risks assessments, those with a guaranteed, non-critical and industrially loyal attitude?

    Why are the same lies repeated over and over, that there is no scientific evidence to proof that the radiation from the masts is harmful, at the same time they not disclose that very little research has been done into the round-the-clock exposure that we are all subjected to?

    I therefore, now demand that Swedish Radiation Protection Authority publicly disclose:

    – which published research results of round-the-clock exposure by radiation from 1). 3G – and 2). GSM-transmitters, are the basis for the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority’s assessment, that radiation from base stations for mobile telecommunication installations do not cause health problems?

    – Today there do exist several studies that 1). show 3-4 times increased risk of cancer for people living in the vicinity of mobile masts, 2) risk of headache, sleep problems, nausea, heart problems etc. Many people also state general healthproblems. In the light of the the reversed evidence burden in Swedish environment law, I requests that the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority discloses, which published research results proof the opposite!

    150 years ago in London, it was found, that the in the vicinity of certain wells there were many critical cases a diarrhoea with fatal outcome. These wells were closed down for consumption by the general public, and the infections dissapeared. It was not until 30 years later Robert Koch descovered the Colera bacteria, which had caused the diseases. The wells stayed closed for further 70 year, until the process was understood. Today we are in the observation phase, we see that the mobile radiation causes diseases, although the exact causal reason is not yet clear. Why dont we learn from history? Instead, of waiting for everything to be researched and explained in the smallest details. Meanwhile a health disaster can occur.

    What prompted me to report this to the police is, that we will probably not get any further any other way. There has, apart from lying and misleading about the research situation and abandoning the pre-cautionary principle also been the downgrading of the whole of the democratic process, that everyone has a right to be heard. 3G is forced forward without anyone having a say or the possibility for taking part in decisionsmaking and follow up. The whole of the elected Swedish government contributes to this.


    Donald Forsberg

    Fårövägen 37

    62035 Fårösund


    (Translated by: Agnes Ingvarsdottir.)


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