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    The real reason for ICNIRP hegemony

    Notice from Tower Sanity (Australia):

    Concerned citizens

    According to Telstra’s Annual Report 2004, Innovation Everywhere (on pages 12 -13 (soft copy)/pages 10-11 (hard copy) under the heading Risk Factors) http://www.telstra.com.au/abouttelstra/investor/docs/companyoverview.pdf :

    “The establishment of a link between adverse health effects and electromagnetic energy (EME) could expose us to liability or negatively affect our operations

    The consensus of national and international scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence of public health effects from the EME generated by radio frequency technology, including mobile phones and base stations, when used in accordance with applicable standards.

    In our operations, we comply with the EME levels permitted by legislation and applicable standards. While to date we have been able to obtain limited insurance against these risks, the preparedness of insurers to give this type of insurance cover is reducing and even this limited insurance cover may not continue to be economically viable. There is a risk therefore that an actual or perceived health risk associated with mobile telecommunications equipment and facilities could:

    ï lead to litigation against us;

    ï adversely affect us by reducing the number or the growth rate of mobile telecommunications services or lowering usage per customer;

    ï precipitate the imposition of more onerous applicable legal requirements which are more difficult or costly to comply with; or

    ï hinder us in installing new mobile telecommunications equipment and facilities.

    Any of these, or a combination of more than one, could have a negative effect on our results or financial position.”

    I wonder if Telstra has considered it necessary to amend such statements in their 2005 report due out sometime soon?


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