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    Sep 17, 2005
    Teresa Latchford, Staff Writer

    As the region searches for a way to meet energy needs for its burgeoning communities, one expert warns health risks must be a major consideration.

    There are dangers with constant exposure to electromagnetic fields, which are linked to hydro transmission towers, Dr. Magda Havas, a professor at Peterborough’s Trent University and an environmental
    toxicologist with a background in environmental pollutants, told Aurora council Tuesday.

    “It is now being recognized around the world that exposure to EMFs is making people sick,” Dr. Havas said.

    A study showed more than 300,000 people in Sweden are affected by a condition known as electrosensitivity, a reaction to electrical energy caused by the exposure to high frequency electrical pollution, she said.

    Symptoms include dizziness, irregular heartbeat and loss of memory.

    “Every home has it and it can be measured,” she added.

    Diabetics and those fighting certain forms of cancer who also live close to powerlines are especially at risk, Dr. Havas said.

    In this environment, diabetics could have difficulties regulating blood sugar levels. As well, EMFs could promote the growth of cancer cells in a person fighting leukemia.

    “There is no proof that is conclusive because as long as there is one credible scientist to challenge it, there will be controversy,” she said.

    There has been little research or education done in Canada because the government won’t fund it, according to Dr. Havas, who encourages residents to get informed while the municipality debates its options.

    For more information, go to www.electricalpollution.com

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