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    Chinese health standards highlighted


    In the USA, that supposed bastion of freedon and Democracy (If you believe in the Easter Bunny) it is no secret that under Bush and Co. environmental and health regulations are being gutted to suit corporate interests. The essential primer on this is “Special Interest Takeover – The Bush Administration and the Dismantling of Public Safeguards” available on line at: http://www.ombwatch.org/regs/bushrecord/takeover

    In comparison, China, that bastion of human rights violations and hard line communist holdouts, seems to be heading in the opposite direction with regulation. See below and previous message # 187 for details on the Chinese RF standard.

    Rationale for China EMF Exposure Standards

    Why the difference? Perhaps with all the injustices of communism that the Chinese people had to endure, one injustice they missed out on was the existence of private corporations trying to run the show. Another factor is that China now faces huge environmental problems coupled with a huge population and the problems are impossible to ignore. Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse-How Societies Choose to fail or Survive” has a good section on China’s current problems and how they are handling them. Whatever one thinks of the Chinese leadership, they do seem to be primarily concerned with the future of their country, something that is not apparent with the US leadership other than trying to steal other peoples oil to feed their SUVs.


    China has over a thousand health standards
    People’s Daily Online


    Will cosmetics containing lead (Pb) do harm to health? How to determine whether air pollution in a household goes beyond permitted standards? Authorities from the Ministry of Health will give scientific answers to these most concerned questions. The week from September 17 to 24 will be devoted to a national campaign promoting health standards under the theme “spreading health standards, creating healthy life”.

    The Ministry has by now formulated or approved 1,800 various health standards, including 1,169 now effective. They cover safety of food, environment, occupation, school, radiation, cosmetics, sterilization as well as diagnosis of occupational disease and radiation sickness, diagnosis and control of local, parasitic and infectious diseases, clinical
    examination and so on. They include 731 sets of state-level standards (under the code GB or GB/T), 248 sets of state-level occupational health standards (GBZ or GBZ/T) and 190 sets of standards of health sector (WS or W/T).

    By People’s Daily Online

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