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    NOTICE: Announcing The Canadian SWEEP Initiative

    Public Notice from The Canadian SWEEP Initiative”


    The Canadian SWEEP Initiative (for Safe Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy) is now entering it’s third month in existence. We are an umbrella organization, similar in structure to the Clean Air Coalition, and intend to serve as a forum for broad-based education and advocacy campaigns around electromagnetics, health and related environmental concerns.

    We are a charitable organization currently under the organizational auspices of the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund based in the Niagara region of Ontario. We are building a website based on up to date peer-reviewed reasearch, which we intend to launch by the end of the year. I am currently helping co ordinate the early growth of this organization. We will have proper elections for various positions within the organization in the spring.


    SWEEP’s current central goal is to connect various organizations and individuals working in the area of advocacy and education on wireless, electric, and electromagnetic issues. As we all know, this can be challenging work.

    In this organization’s future, we can become involved in sophisticated
    large-scale policy initiatives. From now until the website is built, I suggest we begin a series of small campaigns on a regional level.

    Every two week to three weeks, I will send out the name of a group or individual amongst the SWEEP members who would like assistance from the rest of us with their particular education and-or advocacy campaign. That group or person will have supplied me with a short description of their own campaign, and the names of five officials or organizations we can write to, and bullet form suggestions of what we can include in our letters.

    Please send me information about your individual or group campaign, and I will begin a list of initiatives we can pursue. Ensure that your objectives are clear, concise and brief. We will stay with Canadian initiatives at the moment, consolidate what is happening in this country, and then perhaps see if our examples can be of use to people doing work elswhere.

    These brief campaigns will give us the opportunity to get to know one another across the country, to get an increasing sense of who is who, and what we can do. I suspect that on a few occasions, the fact that politician or school board trusteee xyz is now receiving mail and calls from across the country will help move issues forward.

    Let SWEEP help amplify your own work.

    Please contact me with your campaigns and I will circulate a list in a few weeks.


    Our first campaign, from now til Sept 15th, will be to assist Sharon and Martin Weatherall in Ontario get the attention of Hydro One and various politicians Martin and Sharon have led a persitent and well-organized campaign to have Hydro One recognize the dangerous ground current that has polluted their home and forced them to live in a trailer. Please contact me for information if you would like more information about this first campaign.


    David Fancy
    Brock University
    St Catharines, Ontario

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