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    UK Agency Called in to Look at Phone Mast Health

    Tamworth Herald (UK)

    (Sent in by Sylvie)

    10:30 – 30 June 2005

    The Health Protection Agency has been called in to analyse the results of a survey which appears to show that a high number of Coleshill residents and schoolchildren are suffering with health problems.

    Warwickshire County Council has asked the independent agency – set up to provide protection against health dangers including radiation – to investigate residents’ fears about phone masts.

    The news comes after dozens of parents temporarily withdrew their children from St Edward’s Catholic Primary School and Warwickshire County Council called for a mast next to the school to be removed.

    County council officials say the health of the children at the school is ‘a prime concern’ and, although emissions tests conducted on behalf of mast owners O2 showed levels 995 times below the permitted maximum, the authority opposes the mast ‘on a matter of principle’.

    Eric Wood, county education officer, said: “We will support anything that we can do to remove it, and would urge O2 to relocate the mast for the peace of mind of the local community.”

    Gill Owen, headteacher of St Edward’s, said: “Like the parents I am uneasy about the presence of the mast, and I am happy for them to campaign against it. But I wou But I would ask that they continue to conduct matters through the appropriate channels, and ensure that their children’s education continues unaffected while this matter is being resolved.”

    However, parents say they plan to protest again from 9am on Friday and every Friday until the matter is resolved.

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