• 07 JUL 05
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    Petition to remove Repacholi

    Iris Atzmon in Israel makes an interesting proposal below that should be taken seriously. As an example of the sort of action that could be taken for instance, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been circulating a petition for scientists to sign that calls for restoring scientific integrity in policymaking in the US as a result of the Bush administration’s interference in regulatory science. A similar petition to the WHO could be circulated internationally – calling for the removal of Repacholi, who is to good science as Michael Jackson is to childcare.


    From Iris Atzmon

    I think “The WHO EMF Charade Continues” can be a good basis for a petition of “show us the money, Mike” by scientists and citizens. It should be the interest of the WHO eventually to remove this guy from his job (if they have some honest people left there) because Repacholi is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO. The more of this info is circulating widely, the more people can neutralize any statement used by the governments and industry (especially industry) that uses the WHO as legitimation for their acts (or better- lack of acts). This knowledge gives power to the people. When people know how corrupted the WHO is, they can take this info to courts and use it there as well to neutralize the industry. The damage that Repacholi does to the image of the WHO can help breaking the status quo. What science doesn’t do (because it is ignored and manipulated), Repacholi’s corruption can do. If used right and taken by the media, it can take the fight to a new direction.

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