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    Mobile phones ‘can trigger skin allergies’

    Mobile phones ‘can trigger skin allergies’


    RADIATION from mobile phones can trigger reactions in
    people with skin allergies, according to new research.

    Tests showed exposure to microwaves produced by
    mobiles can cause an allergic response in people who
    have eczema or dermatitis. A Japanese scientist made
    the discovery after testing blood samples that showed
    phone users had higher levels of chemicals pumped out
    by the immune system when there was an allergic

    Dr Hajime Kimata first found evidence that mobiles
    triggered skin allergies two years ago, but sought
    more proof. The latest study, published in the journal
    Allergy, appears to confirm the link. An estimated 50
    million mobiles are used in the UK and research is
    ongoing into the safety of prolonged use.

    UK experts have ruled out any health risks. But a
    recent study showed using a mobile in a rural area
    more than trebled the risk of a brain tumour because
    of the higher emissions needed to transmit a signal.
    Children have also been advised to limit mobile use.

    British allergy experts said the results were
    interesting but there was no scientific explanation
    for why radiation would increase allergic responses.
    Professor Tony Frew, of Southampton University, added:
    “This study adds to the evidence that microwave
    radiation may do strange things that we don’t quite

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