• 09 JUN 05
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    Comments on the Draper study by Ian Macmillan


    You might want to rethink some of your statements re the Draper study, eg, “widely accepted that it is exposures from sources within the home” etc. Here are some mystery quotes from UK research to give you some clues as to what I mean:

    “The strongest identified factor influencing exposure at home was the presence or absence of overhead lines at voltages of 132 kV or above within 100 m of the home (geometric-mean TWA field encountered by participants 208 nT near lines, 54 nT not near lines).”

    “This produces net currents not only in the distribution circuits but also in any conducting utilities, all of which contribute to the background magnetic field in homes. The magnetic field from net currents, varying as the inverse first power of distance, forms the background field in the majority of homes.”

    “The geometric-mean background field in a sample of homes throughout the country (caused predominantly by net currents) was 0.036 microtesla (µT). Background fields typically vary between homes from below 0.01µT to above 0.1 µT (even in the absence of higher-voltage lines).”

    Ian Macmillan

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