• 09 JUN 05
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    Comments on SIDS /EMF from Lachlan Mudge


    As you are no doubt also aware, in addition to the points you raise, there is also the added possibility of stress and associated mental health based issues induced by the Mother sleeping near a meter box, potential for influence of high frequency EMR on mother and child generated by baby monitors, which although I am unsure about their particular frequency, could cause whole body resonance or resonance of a particular organ in a baby, and possibly even causing vital organs to shut down due to excess stress, though likely to be a cofactor if anything. All this, in addition to the possibility of using an electric heater near the babies bed, locating the babies bed near an off peak electric water heater, which could use off peak power with currents of 40Amps (work out the milligauss for that one:) etc., which will not be picked up in most EMF surveys, as most don”t occur in the middle of the night. Then there”s the added background exposure from wireless transmission sources (TV, AM/FM radio, mobile phone tower, radar etc. etc.). On top of this, relating directly to SIDS, there is the potential of added Thiomersal related stress on the undeveloped immune system of a child, though hopefully, since that particular nasty apparently isn”t being used anymore in Australia, there might be a related drop in SIDS, as in the Japanese experience.


    Lachlan Mudge

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