• 27 MAY 05
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    WARNING on supposed Finland 3G study

    To All

    The below message, and link, came in this morning and will probably be doing the rounds on Internet as further evidence that cell phones and 3G in particular, are a health hazard.

    However the whole paper, supposedly “published” in Nov. of 2002, looks +VERY+ suspect to me for quite a few reasons. Note in the photo how the phone is placed and the test tissue still has a supermarket shrink rap and scanner price sticker attached! It looks more like a joke! From the looks of their test chamber their conclusions seem a bit over rated. I’m thinking this whole thing is either someone’s idea of a joke or an after-hours school science project conducted in a tree house. It l0oks like they essentially just made a crude home-built microwave oven.

    Have a look but pleeeease dont quote it as science!

    Don Maisch

    (From Dr. Tech of all people – Dr. Who?)

    Cell phones damage organic tissue

    Are you aware of this research?


    The paper was published in November 2002, in Oulu, Finland. To my knowledge, there are no references to this publication yet. Therefore, these results may not have been verified by independent researchers. We did not manage to get the funding for a larger clinical study, so the study is still in the stage it was left when the article was published. But please read the net and
    you’ll find a number of references that confirm the findings in a way or another.”

    Topi Mäenpää, Dr.Tech, Research scientist, Oulu University, Finland.

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